BIOGRAPHIE : Jane Stinson

(Disponible en anglais seulement)

Photo de Jane Stinson, Directrice de L'Institut canadien pour les recherches sur les femmesJane Stinson is the Principal Investigator and Director of CRIAW’s FemNorthNet project.  Jane recently completed six years on the CRIAW Board of Directors, including a term as President.

In 2009 she retired from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) after 30 years working at the national office in Ottawa first as a Research Assistant and then in a variety of jobs including Research Officer, Research Director, Managing Director of National Services and Managing Director of Union Development. Jane has promoted economic equality and social justice through her work at CUPE and in other organizations. She has written articles and developing educational courses about women’s equality, creating racial justice, learning about First Peoples as well as the causes, extent and consequences of privatizing public services, especially for women and other equity-seeking groups. She believes unions must work with community-based coalitions to develop, advocate and win alternative economic and social policies and workplace practices that address working class peoples’ needs.

Jane graduated from St. Patrick’s College at Carleton University in 1979.  In 1999 she completed an M.A. in Political Economy from Carleton University, analyzing the results of pay equity bargaining in Ontario hospitals as her thesis topic. Ms. Stinson has been active in the Centre for Research on Work and Society as a member of the Steering Committee for the Initiatives in the New Economy research project and as an editorial board member of Just Labour. She lives in Ottawa with her partner Geoff Bickerton and son Joseph.  Hobbies include many sports, singing, dancing, visual art and travel.