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Published Year
May 12, 2016
FemNorthNet Submission to Standing Committee on Status of Women: GBA+ in Environmental Assessments In early May 2016, FemNorthNet was invited to make a submission to the Standing Committee on the Status of Women regarding "Gender Based Analysis in the Federal Government". Given our extensive research on the lack of gender based analysis in the assessment of resource development and extraction projects, FemNorthNet submitted a brief about the need for Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) in Environmental Assessment (EA) processes in Canada. The brief summarizes our research findings about the current state of gender-based analysis in EA processes across Canada, discusses how GBA+ could be better integrated into EA processes, and emphasizes the fact that GBA+ could mitigate negative impacts of resource development and extraction projects on diverse northern women.
April 15, 2015
Critical Reflections on Economic Planning in Thompson: An Analysis of TEDWG The Thompson Economic Diversification Working Group (TEDWG) was established in 2011 to create plans for moving Thompson away from reliance on the mining sector towards a more diversified economy. As part of this process, the group held consultations with various stakeholders and considered a number of community aspects seens as supportive of or inhibitive to economic development, including demographic composition, housing issues, education, and community identity. In this report, FemNorthNet examines how diverse women were included and/or excluded from this process and identifies how women's perspectives may have differently shaped the TEDWG conclusions. Our hope is to ensure that women are more actively included and supported in the TEDWG process in the future.
January 26, 2015
Using a Media Scan to Reveal Disparities in the Conversation about Muskrat Falls' Development Overview of how local women were connected via social media platforms to voice and advocate for their concerns about the damming of Muskrat Falls, which were not being discussed in mainstream media.
December 15, 2014
Women's Experiences of Dislocation from the Rivers and Land This poster provides an overview of the Claiming Our Place project and associated findings. It was presented in December 2014 at the ArcticNet annual conference in Ottawa and garnered great interest amongst both academic and community organizations.
October 28, 2014
No Vacancy: A Look at the Housing Crisis in Labrador West - Report Summary "No Vacancy" provides a comprehensive overview of housing issues in Labrador West and how the iron ore industry impacts housing availability and pricing. The report also explores actions being taken by local community members to improve the housing situation and examples of actions from other parts of Canada and abroad that could be implemented in Labrador West.
June 27, 2014
Feminist Intersectional Policy Analysis: Resource Development and Extraction –  Maritime Link An analysis of the Maritime Link Project between Labrador and Nova Scotia using FemNorthNet's Resource Development and Extraction Framework (see below). This document considers the costs and benefits of the Maritime Link and then explores who was included in discussions about and planning for the project and whether or not social justice was realized through this process.
September 3, 2012
Women, Economic Development & Restructuring in Thompson  This report provides a ‘snapshot’ of women in Thompson in 2012. It was prepared as a resource to inform the economic diversification project that started in Thompson in 2011. The report summarizes much of what was known about women and economic restructuring in Thompson at that time. It combines qualitative information about women’s identities and lives from community agencies and local experts with statistics and academic research and analysis.
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