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February 16, 2016
The Dirt on Clean Energy Have you heard of the Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Dam? What about the Maritime Link? Both of these developments are part of a larger project that will significantly reshape the way energy is produced, delivered, and used in the Maritime provinces.

The project has been dubbed a "win" for green energy (since hydroelectric power will be replacing dirty fossil fuel power) and celebrated as a vehicle for bringing new economic development to a region with high unemployment and poverty. But communities close to the dam are questioning these claims as they watch the landscape around them be destroyed and little economic benefit trickle down to long-time residents. "The Dirt on Clean Energy" digs into these issues using creative storytelling and exciting visuals.
September 14, 2015
Claiming Our Place: Local Women Matter in Natural Resource Development An overview of the Claiming Our Place project, which gathered local women in Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Labrador (NL) to build relationships across cultural lines and around the shared impacts introduced by the Lower Churchill River hydroelectric development project. The project used a participatory action framework alongside the Creative Action Circles process (developed from indigenous knowledge and practices) to uncover women's concerns and then express these concerns using artistic means.
December 15, 2014
Women's Experiences of Dislocation from the Rivers and Land This poster provides an overview of the Claiming Our Place project and associated findings. It was presented in December 2014 at the ArcticNet annual conference in Ottawa and garnered great interest amongst both academic and community organizations.
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