Fly-in & Fly-out Communities in Northern Canada

Wanda Leung, Carrie Wilcox, Judy White, Noreen Careen, Carmela Hutchison, and Victoria Lake
Year of publication
Research Theme / Community
Migration, Immigration & Mobility


In the North, going to work often means getting on a plane and flying to a remote work camp for days or weeks at a time. Known as “fly-in/fly-out” work, the salaries tend to be very good but the nature of the work places immense stress on workers' families, personal health, and ability to establish a routine and connections within their home community. Whether supporting a partner in the industry, attempting to work in it themselves, or simply living in a community full of fly-in/fly-out workers, women face unique challenges in this environment. This fact sheet provides an introduction to these issues and suggestions for further research to begin addressing them.

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