Emergency and Disaster Planning in the North

Susan Manning, Deborah Stienstra, Leah Levac, Carmela Hutchison, Gail Baikie, Daisy Monias, and Vera Chouinard
Year of publication
Research Theme / Community
Community Inclusions & Exclusions


In recognition of Emergency Preparedness Month in Canada, FemNorthNet has launched a new fact sheet: “Emergency and Disaster Planning in the North.” The fact sheet is a brief introduction to emergency and disaster planning in the North. It includes an explanation of some North’s unique challenges for emergency and disaster planning, case studies and a section with resources and helpful tips for individuals who want to be prepared for an emergency or disaster. The fact sheet uses feminist intersectional analysis to highlight the impacts of overlooking the needs and experiences of diverse women in emergency and disaster planning processes, and why change in these processes is needed.

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