What is the CVI?

Community Vitality Index is modelled after an inuksuk with five key building blocks: mental, cultural, emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

The Community Vitality Index (CVI) is a tool designed to track changes to the wellbeing of diverse women in Happy Valley – Goose Bay. It was developed in partnership by a small group of women from Happy Valley – Goose Bay and a few researchers involved with the FemNorthNet project.

While creating the CVI, we emphasized the development of a framework that could account for and define the experiences of women with diverse social identities who live in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. In this community, women’s primary concern was their wellbeing, which is critical to gender equality.

The content of the CVI is captured in a “wellbeing framework”, depicted by the image of an inuksuk on the right. Each section of the inuksuk represents an element of wellbeing as identified by the women of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. To evaluate women’s wellbeing in each of these areas, a long questionnaire was created using questions found in existing studies of wellbeing, as well as from women in the community. This questionnaire will be used to gather data over time so that we can see how women’s wellbeing – as defined by women – is changing in Happy Valley-