What Building Links is Doing

Since it began in 2013, Building Links has created opportunities and resources to help people think, learn, and talk about how the Muskrat Falls-Maritime Link Hydro-electric Project – and hydro-electric development more generally – affects the lives of women.

Resources include:
  • Public and conference presentations
  • Journal publications and fact sheets
  • Media interviews
  • Video documentaries
  • Collections of relevant resources
  • Hosted conversations among those interested in and/or affected by the Muskrat Falls-Maritime Link Hydro-electric Project

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The 2014 Knowledge Sharing Tour

The women of the Building Links Tour sit on folding chairs in a community centre discussing their impressions of the places they have visited.Our Knowledge Sharing Tour brought women from Nova Scotia, Labrador and Newfoundland together in Labrador to begin building relationships and conversations. From June 9 – 13, the women of Building Links gathered in Happy Valley-Goose Bay (the home base of the Knowledge Sharing Tour).  Friendships were forged and strengthened as we shared and learned, laughed and cried together over meals, during reflections, and while engaged in scheduled activities.

Women from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland witnessed the effects of the Muskrat Falls-Maritime Link Hydro-electric Project – on the land, on the Indigenous peoples of Labrador, on the women and families living in the neighbouring communities. The Tour allowed them to see and understand all of the costs involved in bringing so-called clean energy from Labrador to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Women from Labrador had opportunities to share knowledge and experience with one another and with the women of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland – to learn about shared challenges and resources and so that they could really see they are not alone.

"Doubtless, I would have been working on Gull Island advocacy over the next few years, regardless of coming on this trip, but now I have the grounding in this community to do it in a genuine way, from a place of allyship" - Cat Abreu 

What Next?

Building Links, as a distinct project, will end in 2015, but we hope that conversations about women and resource development continue and continue to grow.  The women of Building Links have been sharing their experiences on the Knowledge Sharing Tour and with the project as a whole.  We hope that you will join these conversations, helping to raise awareness about impact of resource development on women and contributing to action for positive change!