Visiting Muskrat Falls

One of the most powerful experiences of the Tour was our trip to Muskrat Falls on the second day.  As we stood beside the Falls, we each appreciated, in our own ways, the beauty and power of nature.  Having seen the Falls, though, it was that much harder to look across the river at the dam construction and to walk back to our vehicles along a wide swath of clear-cut forest.

Women of building links walk down a recently deforested hill where new power lines have been put up.A flatbed truck drives through the recently cut down forest into the dam site along a new dirt road.Left: Two of the women from Building Links climb carefully down a hill covered in cut down trees near Muskrat Falls. New power lines run overhead.

Above: A flatbed truck drives out of the dam development site along a new dirt road.

Below: Upriver from Muskrat Falls, tall cranes construct the Lower Churchill Dam that will eventually silence the falls.

Upriver from Muskrat Falls, dam construction is underway.Photo Credits: Michelle Cohen & Deborah Stienstra

"It's been life-changing. I have read about mega hydro-electric development for my PhD work, but to see firsthand the inevitable devastation was life changing. Imagining where I stood down by the falls to be possibly 50 feet underwater was just overwhelming." - Dee Lewis-Campbell 

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