Research Themes


FemNorthNet investigates the impacts of economic restructuring in the North through four cross-cutting themes:

Various types of city infrastructure circle around a central globe including transportation systems, industry, public buildings, and private homes.COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

Explores how community infrastructure – from physical infrastructure like roads and schools to soft infrastructure like childcare programs – is impacted by economic restructuring.

A group of diverse women and men sit around a table brainstorming ideas on a large sheet of paper.COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & GOVERNANCE

Investigates how local women are involved in decision-making processes about economic development and how their involvement can be strengthened.

Diverse women of various ages, ethnicities, and orientations.COMMUNITY INCLUSIONS & EXCLUSIONS

Examines who has the opportunity to provide input to local development processes and how this affects diverse women’s access to local resources, services, and infrastructure.

Four small planes circle the globe.MIGRATION, IMMIGRATION & MOBILITY

Looks at the experiences of women as they move between places – whether emigrating to the North from abroad or flying in-and-out to work – and through different northern systems, such as those for education and employment.