“Impacts Tour” of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Gail Baikie designed a sort of scavenger hunt for our group.  Rather than looking for prizes or clues though, we were looking at how resource development is affecting women, families, and communities.  We visited a local grocery store to learn how much food cost in Labrador.  We visited social housing and the affluent neighbourhood to Johnny Hill to see how the development benefitted some but not all of the residents.  We toured the military base at Goose Bay, gaining a new appreciation of the impact it has had on the community as it grew and shrank.  Now there are dozens of residential buildings standing vacant on the base while there is a shortage of clean, affordable housing outside of its fences.

New public housing apartments in Happy Valley - Goose Bay.One of the expensive homes on Johnny Hill Drive in Goose Bay.
A new public housing complex in Happy Valley - Goose Bay juxtaposed with one of the expensive homes located on Johnny Hill Drive - Photo Credits: CBC & RE/MAX

Aerial view of Goose Bay military base.
"5 Wing Goose Bay" (aerial view of Goose Bay Canadian Forces Base)" photo by Jcmurphy (Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

Vacant housing on Goose Bay Canadian Forces Base.
Housing on Goose Bay Canadian Forces Base - photo by Axel Drainville (Licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0)


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