FemNorthNet Members

The diverse members of FemNorthNet gathered for a group photo at their inaugural meeting.
(From left to right) Top row: Deborah Stienstra, Denise Cole, Jane Stinson, Colin Bonnycastle, Charlene Lafreniere, Noreen Careen, Daisy Monias
Middle Row: Gail Baikie, Judy White
Bottom Row: Petrina Beals, Carmela Hutchison, Georgina Jolibois

The Feminist North Network (FemNorthNet) is a research alliance based at the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) with multiple partnerships, including in three northern communities – Thompson MB, Happy Valley-Goose Bay NL and Labrador West NL. The network includes municipal officials, community–based organizations, national organizations, and researchers from universities.

Managing Circle

Jane Stinson, CRIAW / FemNorthNet Director

Deborah Stienstra, FemNorthNet Co–Director & Professor in Disability Studies at the University of Manitoba

Jacqueline Neapole, CRIAW / FemNorthNet Administrative Officer

Jessica McCuaig, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator

Janice Manchee, Finance Officer


Academic & Community-based Participants

Caroline Andrew, Director of the Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa

Gail Baikie, Social Work, Dalhousie University

Libby Dean, Research Consultant

Petrina Beals, Women's Advocate, Happy Valley - Goose Bay

Colin Bonnycastle, Director of Northern Social Work Program, University of Manitoba

Carmela Hutchison, President of DisAbled Women’s Network of Canada

Bonnie BraytonExecutive Director of DisAbled Women’s Network of Canada

Judy WhiteSocial Work, University of Regina

Noreen Careen, Director of Labrador West Status of Women Centre

Teresa Healy, Canadian Labour Congress & Assoc. Prof., SIT Graduate Institute

Susan PrenticeSociology, University of Manitoba

Barbara Clow, Research Consultant

Charlene Lafreniere, Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

Leah LevacPolitical Science, University of Guelph

Nina Cordell, Coordinator of the YWCA Women's Centre in Thompson, MB

Kiera LadnerCanada Research Chair, University of Manitoba

Chris Bignell, Executive Director of the Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

Daisy Monias, Principal at Jack River School, Norway House First Nation

Denise ColeHousing Development Coordinator, Newfoundland & Labrador Housing and Homelessness Network

Liz Sousa, Project Manager, Northern Manitoba Sector Council

Patrica Nash, Fish and Wildlife Coordinator at Nunatukavut

Mona GregorySupport Worker at Libra House in Happy Valley - Goose Bay

Vera ChouinardProf. of Feminist Geography, McMaster University

Barbara Neis, Sociology, Memorial University 

Rashida Collins, Canadian Labour Congress

Peggy Slipp, Family & Child Legal Aid Services, Happy Valley - Goose Bay

Mary ShortallCanadian Labour Congress - Atlantic Region

Thelma Randall, Childcare Coalition of Manitoba

Jane Robinson, Bay St. George Status of Women Council

Susan Wadien, UN Platform for Action Committee


Partner Organizations

Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health (closed)

Bay St. George Status of Women Council

Canadian Labour Congress

Child Care Coalition of Manitoba

Dalhousie University

DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN-RAFH) Canada

Labrador West Status of Women Council

Labrador Institute of Memorial University

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Mount St. Vincent University

New North–SANC Services Inc.

North Central Community Futures Development Corporation

Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

University of Manitoba

University of Ottawa

University of Regina