About FemNorthNet


New economic development in northern Canada is changing communities socially, economically, and culturally. The Feminist Northern Network (called FemNorthNet) wants to know the downside of ‘up’ that cannot be ignored. Our research asks:

  • HOW do these economic developments affect women in Northern communities?
  • WHAT can women do to bring positive change to their Northern communities?

Our Partner Communities

FemNorthNet works with and in three Northern communities:

Our Network

FemNorthNet is a network of researchers within and outside of universities and colleges together with representatives of community–based organizations, in northern Canada as well as working across Canada.

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Our Approach

Using an intersectional gendered analysis and participatory action research, FemNorthNet focuses on sustainable economic development in the North by exploring similarities and differences among and between different groups of women. These include Aboriginal women in the North, women with disabilities, immigrant women, women with children, women of various ages and women from different language groups.

By studying these timely issues through perspectives that are often overlooked, FemNorthNet is poised to provoke broader discussions on economic restructuring and healthy communities. Tough questions about community infrastructure and social issues like poverty, violence, and housing have to be asked. And answers must include and involve women.

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Our Logo

Did you know the FemNorthNet logo inspired a whole series of paintings? In this short video titled “Geese”, indigenous artist Nathalie Coutou explains the intuitive and spiritual process that led her to the design for the logo and for a series of paintings exploring the connections between women, geese migrations, and the land that nourishes us all. To learn more about Nathalie and her artwork visit: http://nathaliecoutou.com/

The FemNorthNet project is housed at the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW).  Our work is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Northern Communities CURA Program) and Status of Women Canada (Blueprint Project Funding).

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada is a FemNorthNet project funder.

Status of Women Canada is a FemNorthNet project funder.