Community Engagement & Governance

The diverse women of FemNorthNet gather at a meeting to discuss project developments and strategy

A wealth of good practices exist on ways to engage women in decision-making and governance. Many of these practices are developed especially for smaller communities, such as those found in the northern and remote parts of Canada.

The Community Engagement & Governance theme work explores the questions:

  • Which engagement and governance models are best suited to involving diverse northern women in community decision-making?
  • How can partnerships at the local level be developed to actively involve northern women?
  • How can engagement and governance models be structured to account for the various cultures, traditions, and experiences present in northern communities?
  • How does the involvement of women in decision-making and governance make a difference or change political perspectives?

The theme group uses community case studies and knowledge from our community partners to both develop and evaluate strategies for engagement of diverse women in decision-making processes.


Theme Group Members

Caroline Andrew, University of Ottawa

Charlene Lafreniere, Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

Kiera Ladner, University of Manitoba

Brandee AlbertStudent Researcher

Delia ChartrandStudent Researcher