Our Purpose

A central purpose of Building Links is to raise awareness that – in important ways – women facing resource development are not alone.

Two women stand with their backs to the camera, looking out over a vast Labrador forest.Building Links illustrates that women from diverse communities can share their knowledge and experiences. For example, in the summer of 2014 Building Links brought together women from Labrador, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia to talk about the impact of the Muskrat Falls-Maritime Link Hydro-electric Project.

  • Women in Labrador learned how the hydro-electric development is affecting their own and other communities.
  • Women from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland learned that while they might benefit from new sources of energy, the women of Labrador are paying the price.  
  • Women from Nova Scotia and Labrador also shared tools and strategies to address the gendered effects of resource development.

As women from these and other communities share and learn from each other, they are empowered to become involved in and influence decisions about resource development. 

Building Links demonstrates that others understand and care about the adverse effects of resource development on diverse women.  Women in Labrador and Nova Scotia – as elsewhere – are often marginalized in or excluded from decisions about resource development.  They feel alone. Building Links helps to reduce this sense of isolation and exclusion by fostering conversations about the implications of resource development for diverse women.  Many groups have already joined the conversation: Indigenous women, organizations, and governments; racialized women; women with disabilities; environmental activists; union leaders; women’s organizations; social justice and community organizations; researchers and students. Together, they are contributing to a strong collective voice and an inclusive, women-centred approach to resource development.